Flexible, long-term providers of equity capital to Idaho-based small businesses.

With proven strategies to increase profitability, OneVentures enhances employee recruitment, development, and retention. We deliver innovative and creative  solutions in a way that connects our partner companies, teams, and engaged investors as One.

Our team has demonstrated the ability to raise capital and execute growth strategies. Our background includes building successful start-ups from the ground up and creating best-in-class companies. We’ve been where you are now, and we have the experience to help you get where you want to go, whether that’s transitioning through a buyout or retaining equity and remaining actively involved.

Unlike most capital investment firms, our philosophy is long term and relationship-based. We don’t operate on a 3-5 year turn-around on our investments. Our strategy isn’t to flip companies for a quick profit. We are in this business because we enjoy enhancing already great brands, delivering world-class service to customers, and creating innovative growth strategies to assist businesses in their quest for excellence.


Capital, Resources & Technology


Proven Strategies to Increase Profitability


Talent Recruitment, & Development


Innovative & Creative Solutions

What we are looking for.

Profitable, growth-oriented companies striving for service excellence while seeking innovative strategies for continued growth, increased profitability, and team-based collaboration.

Motivated business owners either desiring to exit or preferring to retain equity and continue leading their team while actively partnering with OneVentures.

Ideal Investment Criteria


Sales $5M - $25M
EBITDA $750K - $5M
EV up to $25M

Growth potential
Primarily B2B


Idaho-based company
Brand recognition
Strong reputation
Positive goodwill


Defined core competencies
Experienced leadership
Rollover equity preferred